in the last couple of years i've made two albums acting

just as a producer

let it be known that i didn't write any of these songs,

but have arranged, engineered and produced all of them


aka nikki thorburn is a talented young singer-songwriter

for whom i've produced 2 albums

her songs seem compatible with my musicianship


paper doll, roll me like a stone and feel something -

these are from the most recent recording

we recorded drums and bass at jungle records in one day

and then did everything else at my place in frenchs

forest, nsw


something strange and to the place - these were recorded

in Melbourne 2 or 3 years ago -  i turned my single

bedroom apartment into a studio for a month to bring

this album to its completion


this is definitely the most synthetic music I have ever

created, incorporating software sequencers and samplers 

i had lots of fun with sound toys on this ep