this track was originally recorded in a vastly different

set-up, as an extra on the cat empire dvd, 'on the attack'

it begins with a hit that has been growing since those

early days and has become quite a hefty number

it is a shame we haven't re-recorded it because it has

doubled in length since this recording


this is a song i wrote, featuring a vocoder  - it is a robot

love song


the next two tracks are quite differently recorded

we spent 5 years making this (on and off - more off than on)

we collaborated with josh abrahams, who had more keyboards

than you could poke a stick at

he even had altered 'speak and spells' so that you can play

them as a keyboard instruments

as a result, these recordings are more layered


features ryan monro, will hull-brown and myself

we gather most of our material through extensive jamming

i tend to experiment with different keyboards, ryan with

extensive effects and willy with drum pads and unusual



the first two tracks are from our most recent recording

and are more of a basic hammond combo style, recorded

at 'the lach-in' with lach wooden, front of house sound

engineer with the cat empire - he was all about getting

organic sounds using very few microphones